Floatation Therapy Best Rate Plan
2 for $90  60 minute floats
2 for $120 90 minute floats

Floats may be shared at same time same day appointments with friends or family. Otherwise  they must be used by the same person within roughly one month. Other restrictions may apply.

Floatation Therapy
Body wash, shampoo conditioner, towels, wash clothes, ear plugs, combs, hair dryer and miscellaneous grooming products available.
60 minutes - $75
90 minutes - $90
120 minutes - $105

Located in Downtown Manitowoc across from the courthouse.

Off street parking available around the corner on S. 9th Street.

 820 Washington St Manitowoc WI 54220 us | 920-682-6999

The Best Part of Your Day.

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Massage Therapy
Relaxation, pain reduction, stress reduction, pregnancy. Hot stones, hot towels, aromatherapy included if desired
45 minutes - $75

60 minutes - $90

75 minutes - $110

90 minutes - $125

Money Saving Packages - Five Packs
45 minute massage- $325, plus one bonus add on,  reg $375
60 minute massage- $375, plus two bonus add ons, reg $475
75 minute massage- $450, plus two bonus add ons, reg $550
90 minute massage- $525, plus three bonus add ons, reg $625
120 minute massage- $725, plus three bonus add ons, reg $800
Bonus add ons are valid for 30 minute Steam n sauna and sound therapy sessions or 15 minute Body Talk sessions with Christine and must be used in  conjunction with a massage. They have an absolute expiration date of 6 months from the date of purchase and will not be honored after they expire. They are issued in the form of a coupon which can be shared with friends and family. Package sessions may be shared with household members.