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Other Services

How do you get a better massage?? You enjoy time in the far infrared sauna and steam shower before hand. Our sauna and steam shower spa are private and designed for use by one person at a time, although if you are comfortable using the sauna and steam with a friend or family member we can arrange it. Our steam and sauna are located within float room number one. If you choose to use the steam and sauna in conjunction with a float, this can be arranged as well. We recommend enjoying the steam and sauna AFTER a float.

The heat from a far infrared sauna heats at a maximum of 140 degrees and can be adjusted to much lower than that if needed. A standard sauna which is not far infrared can get as hot as 200 degrees. The lower temperature of a far infrared sauna makes the air easier to breath so you can stay in for a longer period of time. Far infrared is part of the sun's spectrum and is replicated in far infrared saunas. Far infrared does not burn your skin or cause cancer. It is simply intense heat which easily transfers into your skin. The heat from far infrared absorbs into your skin about 3/4ths of an inch. Cats or dogs laying in sunbeams coming through your home's windows are taking advantage of the suns natural intense heat of far infrared.

Steam therapy has been around for thousands of years, steam rooms were used by the Roman's who enjoyed bathing in steam as well as combining it with massage. Heat, either dry or wet is thought to be an analgesic, that is to say it makes you feel better and relieves pain. Because our sauna and steam shower are relatively small it is easy to adjust the temperature to your preference.

Great Lakes Relaxation Center of Manitowoc WI offers sound therapy in addition to its other services. Sound therapy can be enjoyed while you are completely dressed. You will be lying on a specially designed sound table which transfers the sound and vibration of specially designed vibro-acoustics directly into your body as well as your ears via earphones. Sound therapy directly affects your nervous system and is thought to ease pain and stress by distracting your brain. We have a variety of sound therapy tracks available in various lengths of time from 15 to 45 minutes . Sound therapy can be enjoyed on its own, before a massage, or after a float.