Massage Therapy

Modern massage therapists in the state of Wisconsin are legally required to be licensed. This ensures all massage therapists are getting sufficient massage training and knowledge of the human body, it’s musculature, and over all structure and function. There is generally little harm a massage therapist can do when they stick to their scope of practice. Licensed massage therapists are required to have clients fill out an intake form to get a complete medical history. Precautions must be taken with those on blood thinners, certain skin conditions, cancer patients, pregnant women, children, and the frail elderly.

Massage has a general over all benefit to the body and the mind. Regular massage can help to relieve muscle tightness and soreness. Some massages are relaxing, some are for pain, and  many at The Relaxation Center are a combination. At The Relaxation Center your therapist will discuss your  needs and desired outcome to create a custom massage just for you. Sometimes clients fall asleep during their massage and this is perfectly acceptable.

When you receive a massage from a licensed massage therapist your utmost comfort is always considered. The Relaxation Center has a comfortable seating area for you to fill out your intake form and speak with your massage therapist. Once in the treatment room you will be informed how to get on the table and you will choose a scent of essential oil. Your level of undress will be discussed as well. If you are only having your feet massaged you only have to take off your socks and shoes. For full body massages some people undress completely and some choose to leave their underwear on.  Some hot stones and hot towels are used in the majority of massage therapy sessions at no additional charge. The table can be pre-warmed for your comfort and soft music will be playing.

It is important to remember massage therapists are not mind readers. If something is not to your liking during your massage, you should not be afraid to speak up. Every body is different and requires a different amount of pressure. If you feel a great deal of pain or discomfort while receiving your massage it is important to speak up and ask for an adjustment in pressure.

To talk or not to talk during your massage is always up to you at the Relaxation Center. Some clients require peace and solitude during their massage while others find having a conversation during their massage to be relaxing. Many massage sessions at the Relaxation Center start with a bit of conversation which tapers off as your session goes on.

If you have never had a massage, I invite you to have your first massage from myself at the Relaxation Center. I will walk you through everything a first time massage client needs to know to make you feel comfortable and help you get the best massage possible. If you have any questions, I invite you to use our
contact form to send an email.

If our bodies came with a users manual, one of the instructions would be to get regular massage. Before there was aspirin, Tylenol, or muscle relaxers there was massage for stress, pain relief, and social bonding.

Massage predates all modern forms of therapy and modern medicine. Mothers have been massaging their babies and children for eons. It is common knowledge newborn babies do not thrive without basic human touch. In many cultures rubbing the aches and pains away of your family members is a time honored tradition.

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