​Welcome to my website! I am Christine
Vander Bloomen, owner and massage therapist at

GLRC. I have been practicing massage for 14 years. I can make a custom session just for

you. Sessions can include hot stones, hot towels, aromatherapy, your choice of music, and

your desired amount of pressure. I do not believe in 'no pain, no gain' massage.  I work with

clients to teach them how their bodies, nervous system, and joints work and what they can

do at home to make them feel more better. I help clients with hip and low back pain, shoulder

and neck pain, headaches, foot pain, and general body aches. I also can deliver a blissful

relaxation massage including hot stones and hot towels. Sessions may include stretching

and positional releases, which are the exact opposite of a stretch.

In my free time I enjoy camping with my family, hiking, bike riding, cooking, and spending time with my

friends and family. I am a proponent of the ketogenic life style and have found it beneficial for weight

loss and regaining ones health.

My facility is located at 820 Washington Street in Manitowoc WI directly across from the county courthouse. There is a parking lot around the corner in the back of the building off of 9th street. I work by appointment only and schedule appointments Monday through Saturday.